Tribute to Sinbad - The Last Call Memorial

Tribute to Sinbad Oden Von Bryan

Tribute to Sinbad

We called him Sinbad, not a sailor of the sea.
My protector my puppy was wonderful to me.
He arrived in a tiny crate mad of wood from Germany.
It was his daddyıs crate, which made it special you see.

From Ohio to Monterey California, the little guy was flown to me.
Our first German Shepherd Dog was so awesome to see.
He was good with the kids and good with all guests
I loved him like crazy but he loved my husband the best.

A Military Family we just happened to be
My husband, three boys, our Shepherd, and me.
He protected our house when my husband went to sea.
And this made me fill safe for my children and me.

All our relative love Sinbad he was family to all.
What a very sad day when I had to make "The Last Call".
Tears streamed down my eyes, I could hardly speak
Nine years of protection and joy were going in a wink.

In Memory of Sinbad Odin Von Bryan
June 4, 1966 - February 1975

By J.S. Kotchka

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