Ah Tak

12/01/93 to 7/05/02

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--Sadly missed by Peter Yeung


Dear Ah Tak,

     Your mom said you are now living happily with Holy Maria, free of pain, in Heaven. Maybe she is right. You received blessing in St.Francis Day last year. But since I am not like your mom who is a Catholic, I tell every one that you have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Above all, Daddy misses you. Wherever you are, I am quite worried about your ability to look after yourself. I know too well that you are not good at this because you are the spoiled and over-protected only child in this Yeung family of three -- you, mom and I. Well, you got to be brave. If there is lightning around you, you can no longer leap on mom and dad’s bed to take shelter. So be it. It won’t hurt you. It’s just a bit noisy. Once you overcome this, you will know you are one step closer to be a truly confident and omnipotent German Shepherd Dog.

--Peter Yeung