Chlomaxsi's Oliver

Tribute to Caesar

His name was Caesar a noble dog was he.
So very obedient and brave and a joy for me.
As all German Shepherd Dogs he was a protector not afraid.
This little guy never had a chance he was doomed from the first day.

He was very pleasing, would always do what was told.
He watched me like a hawk would never take his eyes off of me.
Many trips to the vet at the end almost every day.
What a brave little guy. I wish he did not have to go away.

I could not believe what I heard on his long, lonely last day.
He would never recover, probably would not see the next day.
I fought back the tears and the decision was made.
I couldn't even think for many, many a long day.

Epilepsy, Seizures, Allergies, Megaesophagus, Vomiting, Diarrhea. Caesar was also very skinny. His last day of life he had 6 Grand Mall Seizures. He was a beautiful dog with many, many illnesses. I loved him so and that is why I started my own web site by the name of "The Last Call" a German Shepherds Memorial Site. I started the web site in hopes to track down inheritance problems. Several people did come forward with Epilepsy in the line and Allergies. Thank you all so very much for all your help, friendship, and support. I just wish we could have been able to help Caesar.

"The Last Call"
In Memory of: Chlomaxsi's Oliver (Caesar)
August 13, 1994 - September 8, 1997

By J.S. Kotchka

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