Freudig Freund v. Grunenfeld
08-31-95 to 06-14-04

My heart still is torn apart, but I feel I owe it to Freudig to write about his life, his gentle and loving being, his courage battling lymphoma. He did everything we asked of him with patience and tolerance. He rallied back on two occasions and gave us hope and the will to go on. In the end his valiant heart could beat no more, and he died in my arms.

My joyous friend “Freudig Freund” who lived up to his name so perfectly almost to the end—a happy boy who loved life and who came embodied with a lightness of spirit. My sweet “puppy” was my constant companion for almost nine years. Freudig always greeted me when I returned home with such exuberance and cheerfulness. He waited patiently beside me while I worked in the kitchen, and slept close to my side of the bed at night. He would sit and give me his paw with great gentleness, or take my hand is his mouth to lead me. I miss him in endless ways.

How can I write about those years of companionship and joy? How can I explain the agony of his leaving? I feel as though a huge part of me is gone and can never be replaced.

Freudig loved to watch—and chase—birds. I will always see him running and jumping as they took off in flight. I think he truly wished to fly also. Now he is able to do just that. Freudig flies free of pain and bodily limitations; his soul soars and endures. I have to believe that he and I will be together again one day. The alternative is far too bleak a prospect.

The morning after Freudig had passed, my husband was looking through a
stack of papers. He found the following that had been torn from a one-a-day calendar. He brought it to me as he considered it a reminder to me from Freudig. It succinctly exemplifies Freudig’s attitude and outlook to life. The quotation reads:
“Each day when I wake up, I expect my life to be good, and so it is.”

Freudig, your mission has ended now. You did a superb job and it was a great honor to know you and be loved by you.
Till we meet again,

Joann and Xenna
San Diego, CA