Nixie von Hunerkoch CD TC HIC OFA


7-3-88 to 12-13-99

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She was not a champion.  She was not my first dog.  She was my first Shepherd though.  She taught me things about character that I cannot even begin to enumerate.   She once got rid of a stalker that was following me, something the police had been unable to do.  She served for years as a pet therapist and it was a job she was exceptionally good at. 

Nixie and I have been together for 11 and a half years.  I got her when I was 20.  She went to college classes with me, moved countless times, tolerated 2 boyfriends before the right one came along, and was the first one in the van every time someone said "dog show".  She was never outwardly affectionate, but always selfless and there for us when we needed her.
We love you Nix!

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