Oskar v. Athon-Grunenfeld


December 5, 1986 - June 21, 1994


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My darling little puppy who grew into a majestic, good-hearted fellow, with a zest for living.

You were always ready to play, and everyone who knew you, praised your sweet, endearing temperament, and handsome bearing.

After only 7-1/2 years, your departure was far too soon, and I tried so hard to save you.

Your final months were anguish for me but I learned to count each moment with you as a blessing, remembering all the happiness you had brought me.

When it was time to part, it was in a way befitting your character: with pride, and dignity, love, and gratitude.

You will always be in my heart, dear Oskar.

-- Joann Furse