Phanta v. Athon-Grunenfeld


December 7, 1986 - September 6, 1995

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My special girl: I picture you now with back legs that work again, and joyously reunited with your life-long partner and soulmate, Oskar, who preceded you to the Rainbow Bridge. I'm sure the two of you are having a wonderful time chasing each other, running and leaping after balls, and playing your favorite herding game. If I were asked to describe you in one word, it would be trooper. You had a heart of gold, did everything that was asked of you, and much, much more. You were a vigilant companion to Oskar in his final weeks, a patient tutor to our high-spirited puppy, Xenna, and a loving, loyal friend to your humans. My life has been changed forever because of you and the example you set. I miss you, sweet girl, but the bond between us can never be broken.

-- Joann Furse