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the Redster

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The Redster
10/06/94 to 06/06/02


Hi Mom, and everyone I just left behind!

I haven't written a letter in a very long time. I remember writing when I first came to Mom after Ripley went to the Bridge. Mom was so sad, and I helped her to grieve and to get well. Now I need to help her grieve again, only this time it's different. I'm leaving Mom in the good paws of all the little doggies I've left her with, to love and care for, and they love her right back. Heck, they took up most of the room in her bed every night. I remember the day the big bed came cuz there just wasn't enough room in the small one for all of us. I used to help with the little ones, but I know Mom can do it ok without my help now.

It is so nice here.  Sassy, my best doggie friend that came here last year met me when I got here and showed me around.  I miss everyone so much, but am so happy here.   All my friends that came here before have visited and we have had a grand time.   Ripley was even waiting for me and we had a wonderful reunion. Maverick, our Orange Wing Amazon that I loved so much, rides around on my head and walks on my back and shared my supper last night, just like before. He was really glad to see me. He flapped his wings so hard, he fell off the branch he was sitting on.  There are so many here to love and get to know that it is absolutely amazing.

Mom, guess what!  I feel and look like a young beautiful dog again, just like when you first saw me!  Nothing hurts, my thinking is cleared, and I even have my own kitties to love and play with.  And the Kongs -- you just wouldn't believe the Kongs here!

Please, don't be sad for me.  You did what needed to be done, you released me to come here.  I couldn't tell you what was going on inside me.  I just kept trying to make you happy there but it got to be so difficult, I couldn't do it anymore. You tried so hard to love and take care of me.  Maybe I should have let you know how difficult things had gotten, but you and I go back a long way, through so many difficult times, I just wanted to stay with you.  I'm sorry that it all happened so suddenly. I didn't really mean to hurt Katy and Pepi, my mind wasn't thinking. I'm glad they are ok. Thank you for helping me to Rainbow Bridge before things got any worse.

Now I am whole and young again.  I romp and play and have so much to do.  My elbow is perfect, my back legs are beautiful and strong again, and I have learned agility.    We had a fun match this morning and they let me win! YAY! I got to have first pick of the treats.  You wouldn't believe how big the bones are here, and we don't have to worry about our figures either.

I have met so many doggies that I knew about there, and other pets that you and your friends knew of.  They all send everyone their love and special blessings and are waiting for the day when they see their humans coming across the Bridge.

I have played tug with Vanessa, had bonies with Heidi and Huntz, ran through the fields with Wulf, Yani and Yogi, have had a great swim with Max, Schautzie, Shadow, Oskar, Hans, Katy, Kish and Gaurdian, played keep-away with Jake, Cowboy, Dietrich, Ashley and Cat. What fun it is to be here Mom.

Hey Rocket & Zilla -- you can really FLY up here! And ya don't need a broom. And you can see everything! Honest! And Kali and Rowdy -- they got the best ponds here, and everydoggie has their own lounge chairs!! <g>

I haven't met everyone just yet, still making the rounds. There are so many animals here it will take me some time to meet them all.

Mom, I will always be with you in your heart.  Please, don't cry for me too much.    I am happy to wait here with all our friends until your time comes to join us.   We are fine and send our love all the time.  The next time you wipe a tear from your eye, just remember that we are all happy and healthy.  We will be here to kiss away your tears of joy when your time comes.  Don't rush either!  There are so many still there that need you and your love.  Give the "kids" a snuggle for me. I'll be watching and sending love everyday. When that little wisp of air touches your face, it will be me giving you butterfly kisses. When you hear that board creak in the bedroom -- that's me, letting you know I'm near. When the little ones perk up their ears for what seems to be no reason -- that's me, checking on them. And don't forget to leave the bathroom door open, ok? Give little Katy and Pepi some special hugs from me and let them know how sorry I am. I know in their hearts they have forgiven me. I have only love for all of the little ones.

Remember, I'm still there with you in spirit. I will never be far from your side.

Red "the Redster" Leather (aka Red Scarlet to my Nanty Cathy)

Red, like Ripley & little Sassy, was the sweetest, most sensitive and loving friend anyone could have. When someone was sad, she had her way of cheering you up. When you were happy, she joined in the merriment.

Red will be missed very much. She was my friend, my bed partner and confidant. She loved me unconditionally and never tired of chasing her toys, the Kong or a frisbee. She protected me with every ounce of her being.

Red will be waiting with Ripley and Sassy at the Bridge for me. Be sweet my angels, I'll be coming for you -- watch for me.

--Momma Kate