Covey Tucker Hill Scales


July 29, 1995 - January 24, 1997

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You will always be with me

On January 24, 1997, Covey Tucker Hill Scales "Ripley" left my side to join those at the Bridge. At the young and tender age of eighteen months, she was stricken with a deadly disease which took her quickly. Ripley was sweet, loving, sensitive and all those things we look for in a companion.

Now by my side is my other very special girl, Red Leather, who has taught me that I can love another just as fiercely, and that it's okay to remember. Especially those wonderful times Rip and I had together, even though for such a short time.

Red has helped me through her understanding, sensitivity and patience, to see just how lucky I've been to have been blessed with two such wonderful and caring friends.

Look after the little ones at the Bridge my friend and remember me well, for I shall come for you one day. We miss you.

Kate & the Redster