11/15/93 – 6/30/04


Simon came into my life as an eight-week-old puppy. It all started when my wife and I looked at a litter of GSD puppies. As we were looking at the puppies, one particular puppy kept on climbing into our laps. We would put him back with the others to look at another puppy and this puppy wouldn’t leave us alone.

Simon is what I would a call a "people" dog, he never met a person who he didn’t like. Even during the temperament test, which he passed with flying colors, he loved getting petted by the friendly stranger. I had to physically pull him away for the next test because Simon kept pulling me back to that person.

One of the things Simon would like to do it to act silly. He would grab a couple of stuffed toys and sit in front of you while wagging his tail.

Over the ten plus years Simon gave me lots of happy memories that I will remember forever. Whatever he did whether in the obedience ring or the tracking field, he gave me his best. Thanks Simon for picking me out and telling us you wanted to go home with us.

--Larry Ferris