Windywood's Saskatoon Sinbad

June 4, 1989- July 31, 2000

sinbadportrait_g_thee.jpg (15881 bytes)

My big black boy, with the iron head,
the others followed where you led.
A gentle leader you always were,
playing with pups with never a grrr.

You guarded the house and inmates too,
always alert and ready to woo-woo.
No one defied you, they always backed off,
sure you were going to take their heads off.

A big pussycat with those that you loved,
you'd lie on your back with paws above.
Tummy rub or massage for you was bliss,
for which you thanked me with a wet kiss.

Playing ball was your fun, all day plus some,
inside and out, until we were all numb.
You never tired of retrieving that ball,
into everything you would let it fall.

Not always coordinated and big to boot,
you ran right over all things in your way.
We all had some bruises from you passing by,
knocking us over with never even a sigh.

Your loyalty to us was without question,
you would have died with no hesitation.
You did many things that were hard to do,
If I asked you, that was enough for you.

I'll miss you, black boy, on you I depended,
for safety, reliability, and love never-ended.
You were big and tough and hard to ignore,
The place will be quiet without your special snore.

May your spirit be safe and well at the Bridge,
I am sure you will guard it, alert at the ridge.
Keep all my kids safe who wait there with you,
until I can come and join you all too.

Gwen Thee