Buschgar's Tennessee Tuxedo CD, CGC


March 10, 91 to February 14, 2000

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What can I say about this guy. He was funny, sweet, and didn't have a mean bone in his body. Anytime there were children around playing, he just HAD to be in the middle of the action. It would absolutly drive him nuts not to. Of all my dogs, Tux was the MOST affectionate. I guess it was his purpose in life. I would take him to the retirement centers just so he could get some petting... we just could keep the demand up! He loved to be petted, hugged, and kissed. He didn't much lick me, but he LOVED to rub against me or lie beside me. When I was pregnant with my last daughter, he followed me around through my contractions and when one hit....he would sit up, cock his head, and come stand by me. These last 2 weeks he has been exceptionally
affectionate. In the back of my mind I though....I hope everything is ok.  I
just found it so strange that he would not leave my side when he was inside.
I fell asleep on my bed one day that I was REALLY tired. He crawled up on
the bed, plopped down beside me..and fell asleep with me. Last thing I
remember was my husband telling him he had to move so he could come to bed. Before that, I was resting one day and he jumped up on the bed...rolled
around beside me before deciding "I think I'll sit right here on top of her" LOL

He was such a comedian! We called him goofy....because he was. Silliest
dog you could ever come to know. I really loved him. Even though he ate my
new sofa right after the last payment was made... I love you big guy! Keep out of the trash up there ok?