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GSD Breed Information

GSD Breed Standards GSD standards for Britain and the AKC
GSD Breed Standards The World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs (WUSV) Breed Standard
GSD Club Acronyms What all those letters mean
Selecting a Working Dog Puppy A FAQ designed to help you select a promising pup for working in Schutzhund, and can be adapted to many other levels of dog sports.
Buying A Puppy Interpreting the Ads by Dori Painter
Questions To Ask A Breeder Questions to ask a breeder when shopping for a dog or puppy.  Also has questions a breeder should ask a potential buyer.
Title Abbreviations Dog Title Abbreviations
AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program The 10 steps required to acquire the CGC title.
GSD Puppy Weights A table of weights for a GSD puppy through 12 months
GSD's and Flyball An article by Pat Saito and Tasha BH,CD,TT,FDCh - will open in a new window
Tasha's Favourite Tricks Dog Tricks by Pat Saito and Tasha - will open in a new window
Come, or Else! An article by by Kathy Fornes - will open in a new window
Advice You Can Trust A website about German Shepherd Dogs - will open in a new window


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