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Just for Fun and Thought

A Dog's Prayer A serious look at life through the eyes of a family dog.
The GSD Job Description A delightful look through your GSD's eyes and heart as to what their functions in a human family and home. 
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie A humorous look at sleeping with your dog(s).
My Front Porch A whimsical look at the author and his dog on "my front porch".
Basic GSD Rules Some of the rules that govern our beloved dog's behavior.
Why I like Dogs Better Than People A look at some of the reasons we like dogs better than people submitted by the list membership.
Top Reasons Why To Own/
Not To Own a GSD
Some of the reasons why one should or should not own a GSD.
Things Eaten by Our GSDs Listing, by category, some of the things eaten and/or chewed by member's GSDs
Die Deustches Garten Hund
(The German Garden Dog)
An essay by Paul Smith.