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  • ** CLIP AND SAVE  ** Print this page and tape it to your monitor and you won't have to hunt through files or stacks of paper to figure out how to change the settings for your GSD-L mail!

    Bookmark this page for handy reference!

    ** WHAT IS GSD-L ? ** GSD-L is intended to be a friendly, casual forum to exchange all kinds of information about GSDs and life with GSDs. Serious and light-hearted topics are welcome as are anecdotes about GSD antics. Members who are suffering from an overabundance of GSD antics will hopefully find support and help in the group. German Shepherd Dog Mixes are also welcome to the list as well as those without German Shepherd Dogs.

    Anyone who has an interest in German Shepherd Dogs can join GSD-L. Pet owners, breeders, fanciers, competitors in conformation or any of the canine sports and prospective owners are all welcome.

    GSD-L is a closed list. New members must submit an introduction telling us who they are and describing why they want to join the List. The applications will be reviewed and, if accepted, subscription will be complete within a day or two.

    The writing of topical FAQs by members, either individually or in groups is encouraged.

    ** NEAT GSD-L STUFF! **

    FAQ: A Frequently Asked Questions document is still being worked on but is available.

    GSD WEB SITE: Visit Our GSD-L Web Site for News and Info about GSDs as well as a rather large repository of Pictures sent in by GSD-L members. Also included here are lists of German Names if you need a hand picking out a name for the new puppy, and links to other dog-related web sites. Kate Long is the webmaster for this web site.  To find out how to get a picture posted on the Web Site contact Kate Long.

    MEMORIES: is a memorial to our beloved German Shepherd Dogs who have heard the last call from their master's voice. Please feel free to contact Kate Long to add your GSD when YOU ARE READY. This may be one way of easing some of our pain and helping those of us who are still in tears. Remember, you don't have to cry alone. This list may also be helpful to track down a similar or inheritance problem in the GSD breed.

    GSD RESCUE INFO: GSD rescue groups are usually non-profit organizations, or are sometimes just kind-hearted people, who rescue needy GSDs from shelter euthanasia or various owner-surrender situations and place the dogs in loving homes that match the dogs' needs. Dogs are screened up front for temperament and health issues by most rescues before being accepted into the programs.

    If you'd like to become involved with a rescue, or you'd like to adopt a needy rescue GSD, email Janice Ritter for a list of GSD rescue groups in your area or you can see our list of GSD Rescue's


    YOUR LIST OWNERS ARE: Joann Furse & Kathleen Duffy, who handle List-generated error messages and can also assist members with List problems if the List Administrators are unavailable or unable to help. 

    To send mail to the Admin List, send here:



    Legal Advisor Margy Golant 

    Webmaster of Our German Shepherd Dog web site Kate Long

    This volunteer group of list members look after administrative details concerning the list. If you have a question, a problem, or need help, or if you have concerns about the content of GSD-L messages (e.g. flames, inappropriate topics) contact one of them for assistance.


    This group relies on each member to keep GSD-L a friendly and efficient environment for information exchange. Please be courteous to one another. Some specific points:

    * Please, keep the content GSD related. Off-Topic items will come up at times, and when asked to take them PRIVATE, please do so without further comment to the list.

    * Sign your post and include your e-mail address after your signature. This is a courtesy to those who wish to respond to your post. The mail programs on some machines hide or strip off the names and/or addresses of the senders, making it hard to respond to an unsigned post. It is standard procedure to include your dog's names and breeds in your signature; many list members appreciate being reminded of the canine members of your family.

    * Keep your signature short. Five lines is a generally accepted standard.

    * Respect copyright law. Posts to GSD-L are the property of the poster and are not to be forwarded, reposted or otherwise copied in whole or in part without the express written permission of the original poster/author. Likewise, private e-mail messages are also protected by copyright laws. Ask the permission of the author before posting copies of private e-mail messages or messages from other forums to GSD-L and please respect the author's right to deny permission to reproduce his/her post.

    * Do NOT send attachments to the list or use the forward button (which acts like an attachment on some email clients) and please use only plain text (no html) in your email.  We also ask that you do not use styled letter backgrounds. All of these will mess up the digest and send code. If you do use backgrounds, your post may be bounced and not reach the list.

    * Keep posts concise. When responding to a post, include the portion of the post you are replying to (or summarize it) and the name of the original poster. Trim off any excess text that does not directly apply to your response. Check the subject header and make sure it still reflects the topic of the post. (People subscribed to the Digest should pay close attention to this)

    * GSD-L is comprised of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Because of this, attitudes may differ on certain issues, so please be tolerant when listers express opinions contrary to your own.

    In the spirit of caring, GSD-listers asking for prayers for an ailing GSD or family member are not  questionable.  However posts with religious content are not acceptable, and the author of such posts may be unsubscribed at the discretion of the admins.

    * Discussions of breed lines and breeders are acceptable topics, as long as libelous or slanderous comments are avoided. Do not make comments about breeders (or handlers or others) which you would not like them to read; there is a strong possibility that a breeder you mention will be a friend or acquaintance of another list member!

    * Product recommendations from satisfied customers and litter announcements are acceptable. Rescue activities are strongly encouraged and posts about GSDs available for adoption or requiring assistance are welcomed and encouraged. We do ask however, that you do NOT send pricing or quote pricing to the list.  Mention the items and have other listers contact you personally for any pricing.

    * Absolutely no flames. If you feel the urge to say something nasty, logout and get a coffee (make it decaffeinated). If you still feel the urge to say something nasty, keep it in private e-mail. In order to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, any poster who causes a serious disruption in the group despite requests to stop will be removed from the mailing list. Additionally, any poster who Flames another poster on the list will be immediately removed and will also receive a note of removal.

    NOTE: In the case of Administrative intervention regarding any posts that are to be taken off-list, and you have questions regarding the decisions of the Admin(s) please direct your inquiries to the Admin of the list, and NOT send them to the list.

    ** Detailed Server Information **

    NOTE:   We have just changed email servers. To reach your personal preferences, you need to go to this web site:

    GSD-L is run through a web server.

    1. Addresses Associated with GSD-L

    Before sending any message, make sure that you are using the correct Address. The addresses associated with the GSD-L mailing list are:

    A. is where you keep track of how you want to receive list mail, either regular emails or digest, with the day's emails all in one post.

    This address should be used to handle subscriptions (leaving the list) and will automatically process how you want to receive your mail, going no mail, and return to mail. This will all be explained in your welcome letter when you are approved for membership.

    B. is the address to send email to the list. If you are not a member, your emails will bounce, and not go throuh.

    This address should be used to send letters that you want distributed to all readers of the list. DO NOT use this address to request to be removed from the list.

    2. How do I SUBSCRIBE to GSD-L ?

    To subscribe, go to the GSD-L application form which will be reviewed.  If you would like further information regarding this list, you can send email to with GSD INQUIRY in the subject line.

    3. How do I UNSUBSCRIBE from GSD-L ?

    Go to:  and unsubscribe.

    How do I UNSUBSCRIBE from GSD-L-Digest ?

    Go to:  and unsubscribe.

    4. How do I POST?

    To send, or post, a message on GSD-L so that it will be seen by all subscribers: (Remember to use a header!) Send an e-mail message to:

    Suggested headers to use when writing to GSD-L:

  • GENERAL: basic care/breeder/food questions/info
  • CHAT: All Dog-related stories/anecdotes/warm-fuzzies/news
  • HEALTH: health questions/info & reports of illness
  • DOGSPEAK: the dogs take over the computer ;-)
  • DOGSPORT: Schutzhund/Obedience/Conformation/SaR/Agility/Herding/etc... related training/info/questions
  • BRAGS: Tell us how well your little pupper dog did 8-)
  • TRAINING: Questions on teaching/learning Basic "Manners"
  • RESCUE: rescue updates or dogs in need of rescue
  • EVENTS: announcements or recaps of organization-sponsored events
  • ADMIN: Postings from the Administrative group re: guidelines/bulletins/etc... Or postings from subscribers looking for help.
  • NON-Dog: All Non-Dog-related items (respond to these posts *privately*)
  • TECH
  • Notice that we are leaving room for some Off Topic "Stuff". Sometimes, this "Stuff" (Such as humor) comes at just the right time in the day to make someone smile and laugh when they really need it. Please, be certain you won't offend anyone with your humor that is sent to the list.

    5. How do I POSTPONE my mail while I'm on vacation?

    Go to:  and set your subscription to NO MAIL.  To resume service, go back to this address and start your mail once again, either in regular mail or digest.

    6. I'm Drowning in mail, how do I fix it?   Set your mail to DIGEST.  One long version with the posts of hours previously all combined in one post.

    Go to:  and set your subscription to DIGEST.

    7. How can I find out WHO IS ON THE LIST?

    With more and more spam resulting from some less than scrupulous people being able to view the list of members of an email list, this is restricted information with GSD-L.

    8. Suppose I want to go back in time and GET A MESSAGE THAT I MISSED-- is this possible?

    Archives are maintained.

    9. How can I get further HELP?

    There are 2 ways to handle this:

    1) Refer to the addresses listed in #1, part C above and send one of us an e-mail with your question.

    2) Send an e-mail message To:

    That's it! Have fun and enjoy the list!

    Copyright 1996 Eric Happy. This file may be copied or printed for personal use only.

    Last Updated 09/26/05 K. Long

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