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Dog Club Acronyms

I'll go through all of them for the benefit of anyone new:
AKC American Kennel Club - Principle all-breed registry for the United States
AWDF A confederation of working dog breeds in the United States working towards FCI recognition. Clubs include USA, United Doberman Club, Rottie club, Giant Schnauzer, Belgian breeds and some others. Sends team to the FCI Schutzhund championship and holds an AWDF team championship each year.
CKC Canadian Kennel Club. All-breed club for Canada
FCI International all-breed club. Awards international titles and world championships
GSDCA German Shepherd Dog Club of America - AKC parent club for the German Shepherd (GSD)
GSDCA German Shepherd Dog Club of Australia - Australian parent club for the German Shepherd
SV Vereins fur der Deutsche Schaeferhunde (SV) German GSD breed club and breed registry. Also a member of the VDH and awards recognized working titles (Schutzhund,IPO etc.) Sanctions conformation show and koerungs.
USA United Schutzhund Clubs of America - GSD breed club and registry that is a member of the SV and the WUSV. Awards working titles to all breeds at its sanctioned trials. Sends a GSD team to WUSV Schutzhund World Championships. Sanctions conformation shows and Koerungs.
VDH Verein fur Dienst Hund (Yes?) The overseeing organization for working titles like Schutzhund titles.
WUSV World Union of Schaeferhunde Vereins or World Union of GSD clubs. International breed umbrella for GSD breed clubs. Author and responsible for the GSD international breed standard to the FCI
WDA An offshoot of the American GSDCA to focus on working titles like Schutzhund. When the AKC banned clubs supporting Schutzhund and other protection sports, the WDA became separate from the GSDCA. (Am I right on this?) WDA sends a GSD team to the WUSV Schutzhund World Championships. Also sanctions breed shows.
Confusing enough? :-)  Vicky 

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