GSD Heroes !

Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 
From: Paul K. Smith and.......Welly "The Rin-Tin-Tin Twin" (  


A 4 year old GSD named Argo is credited with rescuing a family of four
from a house fire in Oslo (?) Norway.

A German Shepherd is credited with rescuing a family from death when a
fire broke out in the dog's home. Argo, when the fire broke out, went
upstairs and in the process opened 2 doors (which he had never been 
trained to do) in order to get into his masters bedroom. He then jumped on
the bed and began barking which awoke the owner. 

The owner when awakened evacuated his family. The owner stated that if
it had been another five minutes they would have all perished.

The GSD was rewarded with a nice big steak.

Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 
From: Paul K. Smith and.......Welly "The Rin-Tin-Tin Twin" (

Another GSD Hero: Dateline: CBC National Radio News

CBC Radio reported that Ralston-Purina had honoured three dogs
for acts of bravery over the past year, one of which was a GSD.

A young boy was out riding his bike along with the family
GSD. The boy crashed into a ditch and was knocked unconcious.
The boy was out of sight and covered by his bike. The GSD then
went home and attempted to alert the family. It was only after
concerted effort (lots of barking I assume) that the dog got
family members to come outside. The family still unware of
what happened basically (I assume) stood around trying to
figure out what was wrong. The GSD then went down the road and
dragged the boy out of the ditch and in a semi-concious state
the boy's  weakened cries for help finally alerted his parents
that something was wrong.

Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 
From: Ann M Weiler

A Good GSD story

I was looking at a National Enquirer the other day--no comments please!
And saw a Good GSD story.  It seems a 3 year old Female GSD named Girl is 
1994's Ken-L Ration Dog Hero of the Year.  
Her owner--RAy Ellis was cutting firewood witha chainsaw and a branch 
broke and hit him in th head knocking him out, as he fell his chainsaw 
also fell and severed his foot at the ankle.  Girl saw this and 
immediatly ran home (250 yrds) and bounced on the door to come in, she 
kept whining and carrying on until she convinced Dorothy, Ellis's wife to 
follow her.  She then ran into the woods and stood next to RAy whining.  
When Dorothy rolled him over and saw the damage she told Girl to stay 
with him while she ran to call 911.  Girl stayed next to Ray licking his 
face until the ambulance came.  The foot was reattatched and he is 
expected to regain use of it with therapy.
Ray said " I wouldn't be here if not for Girl.  I'm the luckiest man 
alive to have a friend like her."

Nice to see a GSD get the GOOD news story for a change.

Ann in MOntana
and her sable pack 

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