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Adams Family & the Dogs Barbara Vaigauskaite (Adams) - Well, we are not as scary or funny as the real Adams family, but our lives with our dogs make our home as close to the Adams castle as anyone could get. To meet us, click on our links and be prepared for the journey from which you might come back  a different person.
Adel Haus German Shepherds Garret & Christi Lanckriet - We are novice trainers of German, Dutch and Belgium working lines.  Our dogs are backed by the most powerful and influential dogs and kennels of modern times.
Anlaufstelle Kennels Tina Elliott - Visit our site and see all of our lovely dogs.
Ashley the Internet Dog Jan Steenson - Ashley's story ... how Ashley came to be part of our family after her first adoptive family could not take her when they returned from Canada to New Zealand.
Black Diamond's Rowdy Rambo Teresa - Come see Rambo and watch him grow with us.  It is not finished yet but it's a start. 
Canine Corner Welcome to Vera's Canine Corner! The purpose of this site is to show off pictures of my babies and their friends, and also to provide information and links to dog knowledge. I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you have ideas for improvement of the site!
Cheyenne Moonshadow M Rogan - Site about Chey and lots of other good stuff.
CMS German Shepherds Christine Sperger - Breeder site with great pictures.
Critter Chat all Animal Newsletter Kate Long. Site has been on the net since 5/97 and deals in animal health, care, feeding and just plain fun.
Crystal's GSD Page Crystal Marie Overmyer -  It's a Home page that tells about my 10 month old Pup Alex....his profile, pedigree and favorite links ....and best of all a Photo Album 
Degenerative Myelopathy -

Great information from Tami & the Michigan Zoo Crew

This site deals with Degenerative Myelopathy of the German Shepherd Dog. This disease is cropping up in other breeds as well now. Read about our stories/struggles of living day by day with these animals that have been stricken with DM.
Don't Bite Me Org. Dave & Flora Wilcox - Personal site for our GSDs and other furkids.
Dot & Max's Home Page Gary Shapiro
Freedom Kennels Mary Higdem - Welcome to Freedom Kennels the home of Beautiful German Shepherds! Our puppies are well socialized and we breed for Health, Temperament, Intelligence. All our puppies are temperament tested
Fuller's Shepherds Tiffany Fuller. Show and working dogs. A web page of German Shepherds, past and current litters, Links, pedigree's.
German Shepherd Rescue Kathy Dragon - Our page is dedicated to helping us help German Shepherd Dogs.  It gives information about our rescue and helps us reach people we would not normally reach.   Please sign our guest book so we know you've been to visit.
Greenwood Shepherds William & Denise Groenewald - Canton, Ga.
Highland Hills German Shepherds Elli Matlin - Come see our beautiful GSD's and read about the history of how Highland Hills German Shepherds came into being.
In Memory of Spike and Heidi A small website memorializing my past GSD's and Jet with his training buddies. Toni & Jet
Jakoda Acres Diane Stevens - My site is about the 4 GSD's that share my life, Kodi, Sami & Dodge..Each has their own page and story to tell..Please come and visit.
Jessi's Doghouse Jessi - Come meet the dogs!! Achielles and Tipper and more.
Jill's Place The path is cleared to Jill's place by one DogZilla.
Just Shepherds My name is Cassandra, and I'd like to invite you into my "den in cyberspace".   Inside, one can learn a bit about the wonderful German Shepherd breed and meet my fine German Shepherd companions as well.  If you love dogs, photos and outdoor recreation, then this is the spot for you!  Welcome!
Kalytta, Robert & Anne - Club News from S. Africa Visit our site for the latest in club news, events
Kemarok Kennels MaryLee Warnok - German Shepherds - see our agility GSD's and the rest of our doggie family.
Luc's Family Pets Jan Steenson   #1 on Luc's list of pets is Eich the German Shepherd Dog. Eich joined our family in March 1998 as a 2.5 year old adult. He quickly adjusted from his previous life of backyard dog to his new life of family companion, boy's best friend, and couch potato extraordinaire.    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Meadow vom Silber Stieg   Holly Come visit and watch me grow.
Muddepaws Susan Jesudason - cruise my site, meet my dogs, meet my friends, and read some of my work.
Othello German Shepherds Cecilia Weber - We are a small kennel located in wonderful Wisconsin and endeavor to produce and promote quality animals who represent the best the breed has to offer.
Our House German Shepherds
Randy & Debbi Marx - The first impression of a good German Shepherd Dog is that of a strong, agile, well muscled animal, alert and full of life. Come visit Our House.
Our Pets Page Tim & Carrie Van Zoest - Come see our GSD's.
Paul's Rott-N-Kids Paul Vesely - This is a site displaying all of the rott-n-kids, as well as useful rescue links and other information gleaned from the net.
PinkGemi's Place Roslyn Roser - Come visit my GSD's.
Puppy Love Dog Training Kathy Fornes - Puppy Love Dog Training's site has training articles and tips for all dogs. If you enjoy dog pictures, don't miss the "Pictures" section, and "Kathy's Critters". The "Dog Jokes" section will give you your laugh of the day.   Check out the Rescue section to see happy endings to rescue stories, or click on "Dog Problems" to get help with your training problems.
Richard & Mimi's German Shepherd Page Richard Sies, dad to 'Mantha, Gerda, Boone, Smokey Joe
Rocketman Kathleen Duffy - a site to share photos of the Rocketman and his wonderful friends.
Rolf's Web Site Elie Abi-Monsour - Our site is about Rolf, our first GSD. Come check his pictures, and some other dog related stuff.
Rosie's Vermont Cabin
Rose Hutchinson - There are lots of things on my website, but mostly my rescue doggers. Take a look through, see my babies, let me know what you think.
Scotty's Dogs Scotty Maloney. Wonderful pictures of Scotty's dogs in action.
Shepherd Hill Kennels Anita and her gang of German Shepherds.
Sudenstaat German Shepherd Dogs 
Vicki Ingram
Sudenstaat GSD's are now located in N.C.
Tasha's Dog Sports Page Pat Saito - Tasha's website is all about GSDs and her sports activities.  Lots of info on flyball, agility, Schutzhund and pix of Tasha and Killian.  This is also the site of the GSD Birthday lists.
This site is devoted to showcasing GSDs in trial and show.  Contains action digital pix which I have taken at National and International trials and Sieger shows as well as general GSD photos.
Tatanka Kate Long - This web site is about Tatanka, from birth on. Watch him go through his adolescent and teen years, through his adult life. Tatanka means bull buffalo in Lakota Sioux.
Tawney Hill Shepherds Dale - come see the Shepherds go through their paces. Activities: Agility, Obedience, Rides in car, Going to work with Mom, swimming, playing in the field, walks in the woods, Birthday parties (we love parties)  
Texas Dogs Cyndi Davis - Everything for Texas dogs and their owners. Rescue, breed club resources, classifieds, etc.
The German Shepherd Dog Club of Rochester, NY Kathy Bronson The German Shepherd Dog Club of Rochester, NY has been around for many decades. The club puts on dog shows and matches, brings in outside speakers and programs and provides information for its members and for the public about the German Shepherd breed, its care and training.
The German Shepherd Rescue Trust Denise Sharp - A privately operated rehome/rehabilitation service for ALL German Shepherds in New Zealand
The LH GSD Web Site Kelly Marcinek - Website devoted exclusively to The Long Haired German Shepherd Dog.
Von Charisma German Shepherds Vicki Burkey   View my family of German Shepherds and their accomplishments. See my Puppy page!!!!!   Don't forget to sign the Guest book.
Vongehoft Home Page Lori and Lonnie Sandifer and Max Vongehoft Max, a GSD, looks at life, politics, books and more.   Full of howls and growls.  Rescue links.  Cool links.     An art gallery, puzzles, "the Max Challenge", Max facts, videos and sound.  And the "amazing cube".
Wendy's Dog Pen All about my GSD Hank. Stop in and visit with us. Check out our forum, apply for our banner or award. Lots of pictures. Don't forget to sign the guestbook.