12/15/90 to 5/20/02

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At 6 PM yesterday evening, 5/20/02, Heidi made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

Marty and I could not keep her safe from pain any longer. It was the saddest day of my life and also one of joy. The pain of knowing I will no longer have her earthly bosy with me is beyond words, but at the same time I feel great peace and joy knowing she is now whole, running and playing and being able to play her pranks on any unsuspecting soul. And she is once again with her Huntzie.

Most of you inow how Heidi was my once in a lifetime girl. From the very day she entered our life on February 1, 1991 she was attached to my soul. She was Marty's tracking girl and my obedience girl, but beyond those accomplishments, she was our dear, sweet fur girl and she is missed so.

-Sandy & Marty Smitz