Maximilian von Murkastel "Max"

8-6-87 to 11-26-99


On August 6, 1987, six German Shepherd pups were born to Blitzen von Murkastel and Taska Boe Sakota in the city of Longmont, Colorado. One week later, I had my first look at them, six tiny bundles of fur with their eyes still closed. On September 18, I chose one of those bundles of fur, a playful, friendly, sociable pup I named Max. I remember how he played with
an old purse in the yard, and how he loved my car keys! When the breeder marked him with a white stripe on his back to show he had chosen me, he looked like a little skunk!

On September 25, 1987, at the age of seven weeks, a very special and very frightened pup came home with me to Littleton, Colorado. I sang to him all the way home to calm him down.

For the next 12 years, we were as one. Through sickness and health, emergencies, skunk encounters, good times and bad, he was there for me and I for him. We saw the country together, climbed mountains together, shared wonderful memories. He always loved being sung to, although my Mother usually did the singing, when she was visiting.

On Friday, November 26, 1999, after 12 years together, 12 years of those wonderful memories, I sang to him one last time as the Vet and I helped him to the Bridge. It didn't matter that he probably couldn't hear me; I knew he heard in that huge heart of his. I touched him lovingly as that heart finally came to a halt. No longer will he have to suffer. Never again will he know pain. Now he is at the Bridge, once again young and healthy. Once again he is running and playing with his old friend and nearly-life-long
companion, Willow. Once again, they are having their little "races", which Willow always wins, but Max doesn't mind. Once again, they are playing their little games, making the dirt fly, creating "racetracks" in the fields near the Bridge. Once again, Max and Willow are together and happy. I hope they have someone to fill in the holes!

Farewell, Maximilian von Murkastel. I will never forget you. We will all meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.

Gary Shapiro