The Millennium Dog of our Hearts


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1987 - 1999

Cowboy (beloved best friend of Cass P.), The Millennium Dog of Our Hearts! We will always love you and you will remain in our hearts through the next Millennium.

It was the general concensus of the GSD-L list that Cowboy is the Millennium Dog, so the above button is to commemorate his valiant effort in the Millennium Dog 2000 Contest.  If anyone would like to add this commemorative button to their web sites, please feel free to do so and link back to this web site to the following URL:

Cowboy went to the Bridge to be with all of the other Beloved GSD's who have gone on before him to wait for us.  He was the Ultimate Gentleman GSD and will be remembered as such by many. If you would like to read the memorial Cassandra wrote you may go here . To see Cass' home page and all about Cowboy, go here .