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Top Reasons to Own/NOT Own a GSD

Top 15 Reasons Why To Own a GSD

Number 15: German Shepherd Dog's feet smell like Fritos.
Number 14: One German Shepherd Dog provides enough material to spin a new sweater annually.
Number 13: Owning a GSD is the #1 deterrent for uninvited former spouses "just dropping in."
Number 12: Peace of Mind.
Number 11: A GSD is a "no-longer-useful-on-the-court tennis-ball" recycler.
Number 10: A GSD is a copilot with teeth.
Number 9: Living with a GSD is an easy guilt-free way to get rid of all those delicate knick-knacks you hate to dust.
Number 8: Not having to come home to an empty house.
Number 7: A GSD is a child's best playmate, bodyguard and friend.
Number 6: A GSD is a "you have snail-mail" announcer.
Number 5: A GSD is an automatic bed warmer or nighttime snuggle buddy.
Number 4: Owning a GSD give you the ability to say "the dog did it."
Number 3: A GSD is a live-in psychotherapist, mother and friend.
Number 2: Dark, secluded streets.
Number 1: Wet Sloppy Kisses!!!

Top 10 Reasons Why NOT to Own a GSD

Number 10: Wet, Sloppy Kisses!!!
Number 9: Those same delicate knick-knacks.
Number 8: Dark suits.
Number 7: White furniture.
Number 6: Clean windows.
Number 5: Cold, rainy days.
Number 4: Sleeping late.
Number 3: Dust bunnies.
Number 2: Toenail clippers.
Number 1: Thirteen too-short years.

-Submitted by Chendra Conklin

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