Companion to the German Shepherd Dog Email List (GSD-L)

Things Eaten By Our German Shepherd Dogs
- compiled February 2005 -

The following is a list of objects chewed, eaten, or destroyed by GSDs, as reported by their owners.

Most Expensive/Irreplaceable/Sentimental Value
Name of GSD Sex Owner Item(s)
Kavik M Craig Floor-length custom draperies
3 headstalls
Set show reins (includes some silver decoration)
1 stirrup
Book: The Arabian Horse in Fact, Fantasy, and Fiction (out of print)
Magic M Anka 300-year old woven bread basket (presented to first-born daughter)
Rocket M Kathleen $500 chair
$400 coffee table
$200 work boots
Oz M Michelle Entire Barbie family
one-half Barbie townhouse
Maija F Joann My father's bible
Dietrich M Joann 6 x 5 ft Alpaca wall-hanging
Freya F Katherine New Testament
Bailey F Stacy Entire souvenir refrigerator magnet collection
Liesl F Chendra Refrigerator magnet
Vacation pictures
Living-room couch
Logan M Regina Braided rug (handmade by Dave's great-grandma)
Sister F Cara Corner hand-made cherry cedar chest
Corner oriental rug
Maggie   F John Handle of treadmill walker PLUS electronics
1 new rocking chair
1 new coffee table
1 new couch
1 new dresser
2 throw rugs
Julie   F Rich Brand new stair carpeting
BruBru M   Several Longaberger baskets
Ace         M Cindy  Brand new stair carpeting
BJ M Dori 2 hand-carved cowboy boots
Tess F Jeza Commemorative edition Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations"
Damon M Jeza Hand-made ceramic Nativity set (valued at $500)
Maggie F John 1 subwoofer (handmade)
Mariah F Elaine B. Flowers from wedding cake (n.b. most showed up intact in yard next day)

Name of GSD Sex Owner Item(s)
Magic M Anka Mattress and sleeping bag (while traveling in camper)
$120 Levelors
Harley M Paula Love seat (dragged it from living room to kitchen; removed fabric and stuffing from 1 arm)
Ginger F David Face-plate from Summit ME-250 tape drive (while on the drive)
Gretta F Leeann 1 Nordic Track
Kavik M Craig $120 pair shoes
Logan M Regina Mets baseball cap (NOT the cheap kind)
Oskar & Phanta M
Joann 12 laser disks
BJ M Dori 4, $50 cable remotes
Maggie F John 6 compact discs
1 CATV cable
1 suitcase
Ace M Cindy $80 Longaberger magazine rack
Sasha F Kristen 1 oversized chair (still functional)
Vertical blinds (still operable but with fang marks)
Duvet cover (destroyed)
Roscoe M Leeann Contact lenses and case
Poco &
Leslie 1 blue leather glove (from Florence)
Damon M Jeza Backyard sprinkler system
Ryka F Susan Custom-made moulding in dining room
Bru, &
Alison Cordless phone

Moderately Expensive
Name of GSD Sex Owner Item(s)
Kavik M Craig $50 brand-new black leather belt (left buckle uneaten)
Approx. 3 TV remotes per year
Wooden gearshift knob from 1978 Audi
Rena F   Daddy's belt
Rocket M Kathleen Leather purse
      3 leather wallets (with credit cards)
Sasha F Kristen Eyeglass frames and 1 lens (destroyed)
TV remote control (operable but with fang marks)
Car alarm remote (destroyed)
Numerous pairs shoes (destroyed)
Computer mouse cord (destroyed)
Every pillowcase in house (destroyed)
Stasha, &
Mary Electric blanket controls
Hasso M Anka 1 alligator boot
      1 silk sweater
Ruski M Jaume Main telephone line ($100 worth)
Allie F Julie 2 pairs Teva sandals
1, $80 futon couch arm
Mariah F Elaine B. Runners from rocking chair
Sioleiligh M Jeza New running shoes
Phanta F Joann HP calculator
Bailey F Stacy Her mother's purse
1 man's dress shoe
1, $48 TV remote
2 silk blouses
1 black skirt
1 pair pants
4 blankets/comforters
Roscoe M Leeann Prescription glasses
Xenna F Joann 8 (to date) coffee-table
Hardcovers (assorted subject matter)
Lara F Regina Section of space blanket
Layla F NY Kathleen Remote control
Clint M Marilyn Toys: Snoopy abd Talking Bear
Rio M Vicky 1 VCR Remote (belonging to roommate)
1 HP-15C calculator
1 Radio Shack remote

Most Inventive
Name of GSD Sex Owner Item(s)
Sasha F Craig Toilet seat (my personal favorite)
Magic M Anka All Stephen King books in house
Oz M Michelle Crotches from most pairs of jeans in house
Allie F Julie Catnip patch
Poco, &
Elaine Husband's slide rule and case
Kaylie F Janice Checkbook register
Anonymous   Anonymous Package contraceptive devices

Name of GSD Sex Owner Item(s)
Hasso M Anka Gillette razor
15 baby chicks (belonging to neighbor)
Vandal F Julia Top part of Kong toy (had to be surgically removed)
Oskar M Joann Top part of Kong toy (had to be surgically removed)
Rocket M Kathleen Income tax return
Zeke M Faith 1, 8-1/2" x 11" American flag (came out other end almost intact!)
Clint M Marilyn 1 size 7 dark pink sock (came out other end intact!)
Xenna F Joann 1 men's handkerchief (came out other end intact!)
Sister F Cara 1 chipmunk
Stella F Judi Kitchen knife handle
Kyra F Dori Light bulb
Maggie F John 1 plugged-in extension cord
Coffee maker (sans pot)
The cat
Damon M Jeza River rocks
Ryka F Susan 1 frog
Saint M Harrison Barbeque matches
Name of GSD Sex Owner Item(s)
Rocket M Kathleen Book: The Art of Raising a Puppy
Bailey F Jenny Book: Canine Good Citizen
Magazine: Playboy
1, cat-a-day calendar
Stasha, &
Mary Christmas decorations:
Sled, 2 paper maché mice, head off stuffed moose, engine and tunnels from train set, Santa hat on stuffed animal
Maggie F John 2 copies yellow pages (A-K 1993 and 1994)
Maggie F Eric Book: The Complete Book of Dogs
Lara F Regina Several bars Tone soap
Sasha F Kristen Assorted perfume atomizers (operable but with fang marks)
Kavik M Craig Book: Expert Obedience Training
Xenna F Joann Book: Poodle Springs
Bailey F Stacy Husband's clarinet
Dietrich M Joann Bank statement and cancelled checks
Sasha F Craig So-called unbreakable bowl (now in pieces)
Stella F Judi Feather duster
Welly F Paul 1 calculus book
1 roll 35mm film
1, 3.5 inch disk
Bru, &
Alison Cactus plant

Most Destructive
Name of GSD Sex Owner Item(s)
Oz M Michelle 2x4 shelf-supports in her dad's garage
Dylan M Paul His doghouse
Faema F Craig 1 backseat cushion and 2 armrests from 1980 (4-dr) Honda Accord
Top portion retaining wall
Maggie F John 2 window sills
2 baseboards
1 section wall-to-wall carpet
Xenna F Joann Entire linoleum in downstairs bathroom
Partial linoleum in downstairs hall
12-inch diameter hole in wall
Molding from downstairs bathroom door
Zorba M Katherine Front wall
Berra F Dori Kitchen linoleum
Pasha M Anka Carved claw feet on dining room table
Clint M Marilyn Princess telephone (he removed it from wall)
Saint M Harrison Patio wicker furniture
Dami M Dori 1 sofa
2 recliners
1 bookcase
#500 crate
Ace M Cindy 2 sections of crate
Laundry pulled through crate
Upholstery in Nissan 240SX
Screen door

Moderately Destructive
Name of GSD Sex Owner Item(s)
Lissie F Craig Plank off fence
Sasha F Craig Sofa cushion from study
Faema F Craig 3 crate mats
Sasha F Kristen Several small white dogs (animate kind; left in operable condition)
Hauntz M Mary Stuffing from chair
Ace M Cindy Mini-blinds
Dietrich M Joann 1 20-ft pine tree
Assorted wrapped gifts
Damon M Jeza Mimosa tree (debarked)
Ginger F David Toothpaste (eaten under bedcovers)
Sioleiligh M Jeza Pussy willow (debarked)
Pussy willow (uprooted)
Mimosa tree - took off branch (not the same tree Damon debarked)
Corners of deck
Jake M Anka Several sq. feet linoleum
9 packs cigarettes
2 tubes toothpaste
1 small box Surf detergent
Mariah F Elaine B. 3 wooden Christmas ornaments
Grapevine wreath + decorations
Pair sunglasses (badly mangled)
Xenna F Joann Pillow from my side of bed
Pillow from SO's side of bed
Fringe of small Persian rug
Mary Fringes from all rugs in house
Stella F Judi Holes in 2 bedspreads
Clint M Marilyn Old telephone
Jose M Leslie Bag of newspapers for recycling
Rio M Vicky 1 glow-in-the-dark Ghostbusters frisbee
Welly F Paul Toys: 2 Barneys
5-6 paperbacks
Half of her dog basket
Brittany F Todd 1 tube hair-setting gel
Maggie F Eric 1 small African Violet
Bailey F Jenny 1 bottle shampoo (belonging to houseguests)
1 hairbrush
Ryka F Susan Vacuum cleaner cord
Dryer hose
Julie F Alison Sweater (in process of being knitted)

Name of GSD Sex Owner Item(s)
Lissie F Craig 2-lb bag double-stuffed Oreos
1 2-lb porterhouse steak (with bones)
3-lb frozen chicken
5-lb tub Imperial margarine
1 can EX cheez + box Ritz crackers (same session)
Rena F Craig 1 box Cheez-Its
l-lb Kraft caramels
Jar hot sauce
Kavik M Craig 1/2 dozen doughnuts
Steffie F Craig 1 Burrito Supreme
2 cups coffee
Ryka F Susan 1 dozen blueberry muffins
Lemon bread
Zena F Cindy Butter
Bailey F Stacy 1-lb Hershey's chocolate miniature bars (with wrappers)
Chinese take-out (Mo Shu chicken)
Almost entire pan of chocolate brownies
Dietrich M Joann 4 lamb chops
Wild blueberries (eaten from bushes)
Pasha M Anka Turkey
Magic M Anka Dish margarine
Plate of fudge
Phanta F Joann Bagels and cream cheese
Plate of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Mary Jars of peanut butter
Xenna F Joann Dish of mixed peanuts: candied and lightly salted
Unopened can Diet Coke
Bag Oreo cookies
Fina F Nancy Whole chicken (stolen whilst cooking on stove)
Stella F Judi Unopened can Diet Coke
Nixie F Judi Apples (from trees)
Brandy F Chris 4 cans creamed corn
Lara F Regina Bag dried pineapple slices
3/4 loaf white bread
1-lb dry split peas
l/2 lb foil-wrapped chocolate eggs (including foil)
1 chocolate Easter bunny
Any cough drops or hard candy within reach
3 cookie Christmas ornaments
Most food left within reach
Sasha F Kristen 8 4-month old eggs from garbage (consumed, shells and all)
John M Rhonna Can macadamia nuts
Rio M Vicky Half bag jet-puffed marshmallows (plus most of bag)
1/4 cup pecans (plus most of zip-loc bag)
Several Toll House cookies (plus most tinfoil wrappers)
Damon M Jeza 3-lb Thanksgiving turkey breast + Styrofoam tray + plastic wrap
2 avocadoes (with skin) but excluding pits
Bowl of roasted peanuts (possibly with shards of broken Pyrex dish)
Many bunches of grapes (all varieties)
Bunch of bananas (with skin, but without stem)
Apples, peaches, nectarines (he picks from trees)
Kyra F Dori 12 capsules Super Green Blue Algae
6000 mg Vitamin C
Bar M Jackie Pears, peaches, apples and apricots, picked from trees by himself.

Minor or not really surprising
Name of GSD Sex Owner Item(s)
Bailey F Stacy Assorted pairs socks and underwear
1 Bra
6 Frisbees
Sasha F Kristen Several headbands (destroyed)
Tupperware (destroyed)
Watchband (destroyed)
Wicker laundry basket (destroyed)
CD case and liner notes operable but with fang marks
Any tubes of toothpaste, lotion, etc. left within reach (destroyed)
Savannah F Trish Gummabone frisbee (was wrapped Christmas gift)
Mary Plastic baggies
Sister F Cara Plastic curler
Jake M Anka Flashlight
Maggie F Eric Christmas tree ornament: small white seal
Christmas tree light bulb (glass)
1 plastic item (unidentifiable)
Fina F Nancy Pair earmuffs
Ryka F Susan Pair earmuffs
Beer/soda cans
Zena F Cindy Artificial flowers
Ace M   Video tapes
Mariah F Elaine B. Wrapping paper
Wood chips from planter
Xenna F Joann Several flashlights
Several harnesses
3 lawn sprinklers
6 water dishes
2 votive candles
Several handkerchiefs
Phanta F Joann Telephone cord
Steffie F Craig 2 food dishes
Plastic cup
Rio M Vicky Lid of BIG DOG sports glass
Ballpoint pen
Jake M Anka Drawstrings for all jackets
Layla F NY Kathleen Plastic funnel
Edith Ann F Jeannie 18 Jr Brillo pads (bubbled out the other end 3 at a time)
Anna F Jackie 2 ½ remotes - 1/2 is chewed but works
Just about everyone  Many slippers, shoes, garden hoses, leashes, books, underwear

Strongest Jaws Award
Name of GSD Sex Owner Item(s)
Sasha F Craig Stainless steel food dish
Sioleiligh M Jeza 2 chain-link panels

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