War Dog Memorial

Streamwood, Illinois on Irving Park Rd

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Sculptor, Anthony Quickle at left background.  Hannah & Chief at right.

It was a again rainy morning on Sunday, May 27, 2001.  The memorial
ceremony started out with a really neat air show.  Then the typical
honors for the war veterans.  Then came the fun part, the war dog
memorial part.

It was sad and interesting hearing all the stories about the war dogs.
The handlers expressing their love and saying how they and thousands of
other men wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the dogs.  It's true.  In Vietnam about 4,500 dogs served and more than 10,000 men were saved by these dogs.  Sadly only about 200 dogs came back to the states to serve in the military.

There were some 40 police dogs there with their handlers.  Most were
GSD's but some were Belgian Malinois.  I knew that if anything were to
happen there, we would defiantly be safe with ALL those police dogs!  :-)

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Becky & Iris, Hannah & Chief, Sara & Carl

Finally the uncovering of the memorial!  This is what I was dying to
see!  The sculptor, you could tell, was just as sad as anyone else
there -- thinking about all the dogs that died in Vietnam.  Dying for
their country, dying for their masters.

I do 4-H and you can do a poster on any topic on dogs.  In 2000 I did a
poster on War Dogs for the county fair.  The judge thought I did a good
job and was fascinated at what the war dogs did.  I hope the other people
who saw my poster were just as awed as she was.

These dogs have done amazing things.  This is the 5th memorial to war
dogs.  These dogs NEED to be honored and recognized for what they've done.  Hopefully these memorials will help.

--Becky Weise
Photos Becky Weise